Who are forensic scientists?

Forensic scientists work in morgues, laboratories, police departments, universities or hospitals. The professionals have great detail of work with broad range of applications. There are others that work in dactyloscopy field that involves the study of fingerprints. They are responsible for collection and identification of fingerprints from the crime scenes. They also work with the DNA testing and identifications. They can trace people who have committed crimes.

Others specialize in Optometry and Odontology; these are studies of vision and teeth respectively. It also involves the study of saliva. The field of forensic science continues to grow and improved. The forensic scientists work with matters relating to physiology and anatomy of humans. They are also responsible for the investigation into the electronic matters. This is an area left to digital forensic scientists that work to recover useful documents and messages through the electronic media. There are others tasked with research of accounting documents and other related crimes.

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